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this is what Ad Co. has been doing lately.

About the collective

what's the point of Ad Co. anyway?

Out of State Trip Out of State Trip

Every year a lucky few get to embark upon a journey to tour the coolest agencies and meet the smartest people.

Agency Tours Agency Tours

Boulder has been called the next Silicon Valley. We’re checking it out for ourselves.

Monthly Meetings Monthly Meetings

We meet once a month to rub our receptors together and exchange information.

Teach You Things Teach You Things

We want to make this program great. As upperclassmen, we’ll teach you guys as much as we know.

Speakers Speakers

Lucky for us, there’s a lot of smart people around. We like when they talk to us.

Competitions Competitions

We like to compete in local student advertising competitions. We usually win.


who's even driving this thing?

  • Hailey Badovinac

    Wait, did you drop this?

    - Hailey Badovinac
  • Garrett Combes

    Move that bus.

    - Garrett Combes
  • Kelsey Fritz


    - Kelsey Fritz
  • Skylar Ivancie

    Hold on, I have to take this call.

    - Skylar Ivancie
  • Laura Leventhal

    make it work- Tim Gunn

    - Laura Leventhal